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Daily or high-potency marijuana use boosts psychosis risk

21 March 2019…….Latest research report on Cannabis…..Yesterday (20 March 2019)…….”Study: Daily or high-potency marijuana use boosts psychosis risk”,” Daily or high-potency cannabis increases risk of psychotic disorder, study finds”,” (or benefits) are not fully known …….1.) Following the legalization of medical and recreational-use cannabis becoming more prevalent globally,  medical sciences researchers are looking at the possible health risks. …….2.) On Tuesday 19 March 2019, a  new study published  in Journal  Lancet Psychiatry, a weekly peer-reviewed general medical journal.  Journal  Lancet Psychiatry  is among the world's oldest, most prestigious, and best known general medical journals……. reveals  that people who use marijuana every day - or those who use high-potency marijuana……  “are at increased risk of psychotic disorder” …….3.) The proof/confirmation  reveals those types of users may actually be three times more likely to develop psychotic disorder than someone who has never used marijuana. …….4.) The research study involved patients aged 18–64 years who sought psychiatric services at 11 sites across Europe and Brazil with their first-episode of psychosis……..5.) the newly discovered proof/confirmation is consistent with previous experiments that suggest ……..”heavy use and high THC concentration cannabis -- a 10% concentration of THC (the psychoactive substance within cannabis) or higher -- can be harmful to mental health”……6.) Dr. Marta Di Forti, lead author and a clinician scientist at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience, King's College London……."Psychotic disorder," precisely, is what was studied”, "We are talking about people who meet diagnostic criteria [and] come to the attention of mental health services to receive treatment for psychosis. So they have to have symptoms of psychosis across the spectrum -- so hallucination, delusion -- that have lasted at least for a week."